What is a "Classic Disney Postcard"? The answer is, quite simply: any postcard depicting Disney characters or other artwork and which was published before 17th July 1955. Why this particular date? It is the day on which Disneyland opened to the public. After this memorable occasion, the Disney postcard scene changed from mainly European publishers depicting Disney characters and movies to a more USA style of card production that concentrated on advertising the Theme Park. What is remarkable is the fact that there were practically no Disney postcards published in the USA before that date. Yes, there are one or two publicity photographs of Walt himself on postcards (which I have ignored), and several cards depicting our favourite characters published by the Disney Company itself. But that's it. Amazing really.


As is usual in cases such as this, I have not adhered strictly to the definition above with regard to publication date. Some series which were started during the early fifties, carried on into the late fifties and even early sixties, eg Coloprint, Valentine, probably Tobler.



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